• "I loved 'Lord Haversham Takes Command'
    and read it within two days....  This is a fun,
    clean (although there are a few good kissing
    scenes) regency romance."  Rebecca I.
  • "Highly recommended!...I love Heidi
    Ashworth's regency novels, and this one doesn't
    disappoint." Heather Moore, author
  • "My absolute favorite moment in the book is a
    kissing scene-quite possibly the best kissing
    scene I have ever read!" Rebecca B.
  • "If you love Regency Romance from Sarah Eden and Julianne Donaldson you will LOVE
    this new book by Heidi Ashworth!" Shauna Wheelwright
  • "I was excited to read this book but wasn't
    expecting it to be so funny... Definitely one of
    the best books I've read in years."   Jennifer
  • "Reminiscent of the "classic" Regency romances that
    I grew up with... A delightful comedy of errors,
    filled with sparkle and wit...  A book that literally
    makes me laugh out loud is rare these days. Brava,
    Ms. Ashworth!"
 Joyce DiPastena
  • "Refreshingly unique in its sense of humor. It's so
    easy to read and the characters are fully developed
    which brings them alive. Really funny and fun
    book! So glad I found [her books]."  Nancy Sullivan
  • "Wouldn't it be nice to be transported to a safe place in a simpler time for a cup of tea and a chat? Miss
    Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, with its delightful but flawed characters, can transport you to that cozy world.
    Miss Delacourt and her dashing hero are waylaid by thugs and confined to their rescuers home due to an
    outbreak of pox. It takes a bit of imagination to maintain decorum and defy boredom. The traditional Regency
    is distilled to a small cast in a house-bound setting full of wit and charm."
 Jacquelyn Higgins
  • "I heartily recommend this to anyone who wants to just sit down,
    enjoy a good read, and be whisked off to another time and place
    for a bit."  Scott F. Garner
  • "The road to true love just got a little bumpier...  I just love
    Heidi's style of writing. She has an intellectual quality in her
    use of words that I envy. And her ability to be witty and
    humorous (just check out the dialogue alone!) is on par with (if
    not better than) Sarah Eden's work."   Rebecca K. Irvine
  • "Sweet, humorous, and clean, March 2, 2013
  By Jasmine_Reviewing
  • "It's filled with fun and romance and longing and doubts and
    clothes and banter and obnoxious relatives.  I love this book."   
    Jami L.
  • "Great regency Christmas romance!"  
  • "You know the feeling when a great book ends and you want
    "more"? This is that "more" . . . Anthony & Ginny's story
    continues as Ginny puts on her first ball, under the watchful
    eye-and a few battles of the will-of Grandaunt Regina.  Plenty
    of humor and romance-all in classic regency style!"
 Heather Moore, author©2008-2016
by Heidi Ashworth, All Rights Reserved,     
Photos by Heidi Ashworth
  • The Lord Who Sneered is a collection of short stories
    set in the world of Miss Delacourt. Heidi's spot on
    Regency really shines here, particularly in the last
    tale in the book. ~quiltinmoma
  • This is a great group of short stories, each with their
    own charm. I was deeply touched by "The Lord Who
    Sneered", it was powerful story telling at its' finest.
    Book Fan
  • Ashworth is a talented writer who creates a beautiful
    world for us to peer in at and enjoy. Her prose is
    wonderful, and the stories very enjoyable. Grab this
    book, some hot cocoa, and enjoy the festive tales
    within it this holiday season!  Jessica

Five-Star  Reviews!
  • "Five Stars Love this
    author!!   A. Arrington
  • "If you enjoy Regency
    romance, then you cannot
    beat Miss Armistead. It is
    just pure joy and fun to
    read. Love love love."    
    Ramona Zabriskie

  • "Great, clean regency
    romance! Delightful!"  Jami

  • "Delightful Read  - The
    author skillfully opens the
    window to the Regency era
    and allows the reader to
    experience a time, place and
    traditions that are not only
    entertaining but
    educating."   Leila Randall
Miss Armistead is a Rone
Awards Finalist!
"This book is reminiscent of Jane
Austen's style with witty
dialogue, great historical setting
and detail, and some fun twists
and turns on the road to love."     
Julie Coulter Bellon
I absolutely loved this
book. It is the perfect novel
for any fan of Jane
"Another great Heidi
Ashworth regency
romance.... There were a
few unexpected twists
and turns. An enjoyable
read!"   Heather Moore
Her most romantic novel yet -
no wonder it has become such
a favourite with me!
So much fun to read that I
couldn't put it down until I
was through!  Mbastow
--This was a book that filled
my head with beautiful
visions and played out like a
movie.--Getting Your Read