Ah, to be in England!
In 1999, I had the marvelous opportunity to visit England
for one short week.  It was something I had wanted to do
for decades and I could hardly believe it was happening to
me.  I took so many pictures, I suspect my traveling
companions wanted to chuck my camera into the River
Avon.  Thank goodness for sturdy straps!  Sadly, my visit
was limited to the midlands and I never saw more of
London than the tarmac or the Cotswolds or Jane Austen's
home or so many other lovely places.  Clearly, another trip
across the pond is in order!  
Chapel Charlecote/Warwick ~ Powis Castle in Powys Wales~  Library at Warwick Castle
Entering the garden at Powis Castle Powys Wales
~Gorgeous flowers in Chester~Window in Ashton-Clinton church,  Rowton Castle
                                                                    the parish from which my
                                                             Baldwin ancestors hailed~     
by Heidi Ashworth
    Photos by Heidi Ashworth
Additional Photos by Roland Baldwin
All Rights Reserved
                    Newstead Abbey, home of George, Lord Byron,
          the ruined chapel, the stables and windows over the entrance
Gardener's cottage at
Powis Castle, Powys Wales
Entrance to the Hollybush
Inn, over 700 years old!~
Salt, Staffordshire, England
The Moreton-Corbett